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Plan. Execute. Reflect. Evolve.

Don't waste another ounce of your blood, sweat, and tears. With BJJ Better, you can distill those precious raw materials into an actionable path for improvement.

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Never misplace another word. By logging the details of your practice, you can easily search through your notes at a later date.

Planning & Reflection

Set a plan based on your pain points and desired skill-set, and reflect on the results in order to drive an every-evolving game plan.


Track your belt progressions, mat time, and many other statistics.

Technique Exploration

View positional graphs that show a vast arsenal of sweeps, passes, and submissions. You can also view videos and track your skill level as your improve.


Hold yourself accountable to your schedule. Build habits by recieving a notification right after your workout to log those precious revelations.


Utilize your data to plan your own curriculum and ensure that you are developing every aspect of your game.